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If you have any questions about the configuration or your Email Account or Newsgroup Account our support center is here to help. In this section you will find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about various Email or Newsgroup problems.

When contacting the support center about Email or Newsgroup problems please have the following information ready.

Citynet's Internet Support Center is available 24x7x365. You can contact via phone at 800.881.2638 or email 

If you went through the steps using the Internet Connection Wizard to setup your connection to Citynet, you should have your primary email account setup. The primary account is also referred to as the default email account because it's the first account entered and checked before the others. To setup email accounts, click the link above and follow the steps to add additional email accounts to the computer. (NOTE: This walk - through will only work with Outlook Express 5 or Outlook 2000.) 

To Add Additional Email Accounts
Outlook Express and Outlook 2000 both support multiple identities with each individual email account in it's own section. This allows multiple people who use the same computer to setup their accounts and secure them from other viewers. Identities provide password protection to prevent someone from logging onto your Identity and viewing your mail. To set up your Identities, please click the link above and follow the steps provided.

To Create Identities and Setup Mail Rules in Outlook Express
Mail rules are a way that you can customize the operation of Outlook and how your mail is handled. Using mail rules, you can set up Outlook to take multiple accounts under the same identity and place the incoming mail into individualized folders so that it is sorted as it comes in. When Outlook does this, you will have the mail from one account go into a folder specifically for it while the rest of the mail goes to the inbox. You can also set it up so that four different accounts go into four different folders. Click the link above and follow the steps to setup multiple folder mail rules.

If you are experiencing some problems with your email and you think that your settings are incorrect (Invalid Password, Cannot Locate POP3 or SMTP servers, etc...) click the link above to view the correct settings for Outlook Express 5 or Outlook 2000

Troubleshooting Email:

Issue: You are unable to receive all of your email messages.

A common email problem occurs when an incoming message has become corrupt or is too large to be downloaded from the Citynet mail server to your email program.

Symptoms include:

To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

You should now be able to download the remainder of your email with your normal email program. If you encounter the problem again, simply repeat the steps.