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Dial-Up Network Setup
As in all the settings on your computer your Dial-Up Networking has to be specific in order for your connection to be stable. These settings can cause you to not only have disconnection problems but can also cause you to have very slow connection speeds. To begin double-click on your My Computer icon which is located in the upper right hand corner of your Desktop. This will pull up the My Computer window and you should see several Icons listed there. Double-click on the Dial-Up Networking icon.

When the Dial-Up Networking window comes up you should only see two icons inside. One will be called "Make New Connection" and the other will be your Citynet Connection. Some users with multiple Internet Service Providers may have one or two additional connections in here, but on average you should just have those above mentioned two icons. The next step is to place your mouse pointer over the icon so that the arrow is hovering over it and click the right mouse button. When you do that you should see a menu pop up that will have a few options like:

You want to left click on the word properties and it will bring up the settings for your Citynet Connection. You will begin on the General tab.

The first thing to do is check to make sure that the phone number is correct. The above example is a user with call waiting dialing our Dial-Up number. *70, must be included for call waiting customers that don't want to be disconnected when someone calls their phone. The second thing to check is that you don't have a check mark in "Use area code and dialing properties" (Some versions may have "dial using are code and country code properties"). Once you have done this, click on the Server Types tab (Windows Millennium will have a Networking tab in place of Server Types).

In this window you need to make sure that the only two things that are check marked are "Enable software compression" and "TCP/IP". You shouldn't have anything else checked here at all, and if you do have something checked, remove the check mark until only the above mentioned two are left. The next thing to do is to click on the button labeled "TCP/IP Settings..." and this will bring up a new window.

As you see above, you should have "Server assigned IP address" selected, and below that you have "Server assigned name server address". Both of the boxes below for "Use IP header compression" and "Use default gateway on remote network" must be checked.  If either of those aren't check marked, be sure to put one there. Now just click the OK button until you are back to your Dial-Up Networking window and you are done. Close that window and you will be back at your desktop.

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