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Virus Information

Some customers may be receiving email addressed to you from Citynet (e.g.;; or The content of the message will ask the recipient to click on a password protected .zip file to initiate communication in helping to correct a virus or spam problem. DO NOT OPEN THE ZIP FILE. By opening the file you will infect your machine.

Citynet has not and will not send unexpected attachments to any of our customers. Additionally, Citynet will not use email as a form of collecting usernames, passwords, or other secure information. If you ever see these requests in an email, do not respond.

Please take the time to download the latest virus patches from your anti-virus software vendor's official website. Also be sure to delete from your computer any messages that may contain the virus.

If you need assistance with this process please call our Customer Care Center at 1.800.881.2638 or you can visit for links to anti-virus vendors such as

Virus Information
We encourage you to use the removal tools and patches available at Symantec's Security Response Center and Microsoft's Technet Security Support.