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Troubleshooting Your Citynet Internet and Wireless Connection


ALERT: Never use a Wi-Fi range extender as it can cause interference. Wireless Access Points (WAP) are acceptible.

My Internet is Not Working. What Should I Do? 

My Wireless Connection Seems Slow. What Could be the Problem? (click here to go back to top of page)

If your connection has slowed or seems to have stopped, or if your WiFi signal keeps dropping:

My Video & Music Streaming is Buffering Quite a Bit. What's Wrong? (click here to go back to top of page)

There are a few things we need to explore...

What type of WiFi speeds does your router support?  Check the model number of your router and determine if it
matches the standard your router is capable of in the chart below.  

802.11b - 11 Mbps
802.11a - 54 Mbps
802.11g - 54 Mbps
802.11n - 600 Mbps
802.11ac - 1300+Mbps

Actual wireless speeds vary significantly from the above theoretical maximum speeds due to:

Distance – distance from your WiFi router, as well as any physical obstructions, such as walls, signal-blocking or reflecting materials affect signal propagation and reduce speed
Interference – other wireless networks and devices in the same area can affect performance
Shared bandwidth – available bandwidth is shared between all users on the same wireless network.  Are multiple smart phones, tablets and/or PCs connected?

Also, keep in mind the Wi-Fi specifications on your receiving tablet, smartphone or laptop, as their outbound performance might not match that of the speed coming into them. For example, if you have a laptop with 802.11g connectivity, it cannot provide the throughput of the newer 802.11ac capable devices.

If you are seeking maximum bandwidth and performance, you will need to hardwire your device to the router.  If you are using a wireless device, the closer you are to your router, the better the performance you will have.

My Phone Isn't Working. How Do I Fix It? (click here to go back to top of page)

Verify Connections

Connect Another Phone

If you continue to experience phone problems, power cycle your modem and try to place a phone call.

Professional Help is Available. (click here to go back to top of page)

Phone Support

Should you persist in having difficulties, contact Citynet’s award winning customer support team.

We offer friendly, locally based support, 365 days a year from our corporate headquarters in Bridgeport, West Virginia.

Just call: 1.844.CITYNET


On-Site Support

If you are unable to resolve your issue, Citynet will dispatch a technician for a prepaid fee of $100, by credit card. 

Should the problem be isolated to a Citynet supported device, we will refund your fee.

Just call us at 1.844.CITYNET for more information on this service.