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When reliability is critical to your business, consider a Citynet T1 line.

A T1 is supplied on two pairs of ordinary telephone wire, just like the telephone wires that plug into your telephone.

More than likely, you already have the wires you need coming to your building, and a T1 can be provisioned just about anywhere you can run telephone wires. That means rural locations and less technically built-out areas can have T1 where other services, such as DSL, are not available.

Compared to consumer grade Internet services, T1 is also highly reliable digital service. Our T1 service is backed by an SLA that guarantees its availability.

The versatility of T1 is one of its strongest advantages. T1 is a digital service. It consists of 24 channels that are combined into a single data stream of 1.544 Mbps. All 24 channels can be used to supply a high speed Internet service. Or 23 telephone calls and data such as caller ID and signaling can be carried on a single T1 line. This is a common arrangement with PBX systems. You can also specify "Integrated" voice and data service, where half the channels are used for telephone calls and the other half are used for Internet service...on a single line.

Do you spend more than $500 a month for your telephone and Internet services? Do you have 10 or more people in your office using at least 6 phone lines? Are you tired of "consumer grade" digital services that are giving you unreliable service? If so, T1 lines may be right for you. Many smaller business offices can now enjoy the cost savings and reliability of T1 service.
Reliability of a business's network is key to quickly responding to customer's and employee's needs. Customers utilizing your connection to access your company's databases, server or Internet depend on it to be reliable. Employees using the company's e-mail and Internet server also depend on a reliable network to get their work done. Reliability and timeliness are key factors in driving your business to success. A business cannot afford to risk employees' productivity levels or the loss of customers due to sub-par network connections.


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