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Summary of Citynet Managed IP Communications

Business IP Telephony Services
Business IP telephony services are subscriber and group calling services. Companies that need sophisticated PBX features can use a managed IP telephony service based on the Cisco Unified CallManager system. Many small businesses can receive the services they require with a managed IP telephony service based on Cisco Unified CallManager Express software, which is included on certain Cisco routers.

Site-to-Site Voice
This service is useful for companies with several branch offices that communicate regularly. A site-to-site voice service enables a business to call from one site to another using the service provider‘s voice-over-IP (VoIP) infrastructure, avoiding long-distance toll costs. Businesses that subscribe to site-to-site voice services can maintain a private dial plan, including support for 4-digit dialing.

Public Switched Telephone Network Access
Access to the traditional circuit-switching public switched telephone network (PSTN) can be enabled centrally over the service provider’s network. Central PSTN access provides economies of scale, which, in turn, reduce business costs.

Unified Messaging
Unified messaging capabilities enable workers to retrieve and respond to voice, fax, and e-mail messages from any phone or PC within the organization. Employees can check any type of message from the same inbox—either the voicemail box, accessed from a phone, or the e-mail inbox, accessed from a computer. Capabilities such as rules-based call routing and speech recognition can further enhance service levels to your employees and other callers.

Voice over VPN
A voice-over-VPN managed service can reduce toll charges for companies with telecommuters and mobile workers. Using an IP phone from home or softphone software on their laptop during travel, employees can make voice calls over the same, secure VPN connection they use to access business data and applications.

Enhanced Services

Companies can increase productivity by delivering applications and information directly to employees’ IP phones. As part of a managed IP telephony service, service providers can provide customized Extensible Markup Language (XML) applications for your business—for example, to access other employees’ calendar information or read news stories relevant to the business.

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