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Set up a Dial Plan

How to set up a Dial Plan

To create a dial plan, choose a meaningful name for it.
For example: At work or At Grandmas. This makes it very easy for you to put a dial plan in place quickly. You can create dial plans that compliment life habits or reoccurring schedules. If you visit your Grandmother each month, then it is beneficial for you to create a dial plan for that repeated pattern.

1. Create a Dial Plan named At Grandmas
2. Now you need to add actions to the dial plan.
Action 1: If my digital phone rings, then dial my cell phone - keep trying for 20 seconds
    -Select "Ring" then click "Continue"
    -Enter the number (ex: 3048480000) in the "Add Number" box and adjust the timeout accordingly click "Submit" and click "Done"

Action 2: If I do not answer my cell phone, then ring my Grandmother's phone - keep trying for 30 seconds.
    -Select "Ring" click "Continue"
    -Enter the number (xxxxxxxxxx) in the "Add Number" box and adjust the "Timeout" accordingly and click "Submit" and click "Done"
Action 3: If I do not answer my Grandmother's phone, then the call will go to my digital phone voicemail.
    -Select "Voicemail" click "Continue"
    -Select Voicemail (sip name) and number (xxxxxxxxxx) then click "Submit"

Finally click "Save Changes"
NOTE: My cell phone is set to ring 10 times before going to voicemail, so I know that if I don't answer the call, it will go to Action 3 of my Dial Plan. If my cell phone were set to ring 1 time, then the call would go to my cell phone voicemail before the 20 seconds had elapsed, thus never reaching Action 3.

How to set up Rules

Rules can be established for incoming calls to provide custom handling based on who is calling. To create a rule, choose a name that describes the rule.
1. Create a Rule named My Block Numbers.
    -Click on "Create New Rule"
    -Enter the rule name
2. Select the DND (do not disturb) option.
3. Enter the incoming phone numbers that you want in this list.
    -Click in the "Add New Numbers" box, (ex 3048485555) and click "Submit"

Note: X is a wild card. Therefore, if you enter 304623XXXX, all incoming phone calls from the 623 Clarksburg exchange will not ring in to your digital phone service.