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Primary Rate Interface Build Form

This form is used to communicate PRI build information from the customer's PBX Vendor to the Citynet Provisioning Teams to facilitate successful conversions. Changes during conversion are typical, but this form gives us a suggested starting place.

Customer Name:

DS1 Number:
Obtain from your Sales Representative

DS1 Framing:
ESF (recommended) or SF

DS1 Line Coding:
B8ZS (recommended) or AMI

ISDN Protocol:
NI2, 5ESS, DMS100

Element Positioning:
USER or NETWORK {Citynet is typically Network}

How Many ISDN B-Channels:
values: 1 - 23 {this is for fractional PRI app}

Bearer Channel To Start At:
Note 1: All bearer channel references should be referenced to a base bearer of 1.
While "0" is a valid memory location, Q.921 does not like a "0" bearer channel as a
global standard. Provisions around this are possible, but must be discussed in advance.
Note 2: We prefer to use the upper channels for the voice bearers, i.e. if you want
three bearer channels for voice, we would use 21, 22, and 23. All other bearers are
blocked in our switch.
Note 3: D-Channel is always on DS0 24

Bearer Capability:
SPEECH, 3.1 kHz, SPEECH and 3.1 kHz (typical and preferred)

PBX Outbound Call Selection:
Descending (23 to 1) - recommended, Round – Robin (cyclic), Ascending (1 to 23)

DNIS Digits:
Number of Digits the PBX needs delivered: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10.

Calling Number Display:
YES (recommended) or NO

Caller Name Display:

Caller Name Presentation:
SETUP or FACILITY (PBX dependent)

Default DN:
(recommended) Charge Party Number  - or a specific number that correlates to the customer.
The DefaultDN is a number that will be sent as the Calling Party Number:
  1. if no Calling Party Number information is provided from the PBX during call setup.
  2. if the group is set up so that all calls originated by this
    group--regardless of PBX presented Calling Party number--will show as
    originated by this number.
  3. if Calling Party Numbers do not pass selective screening.

Charge Party Number:
Billing number for Trunk Group

911 Masks:
Some applications prefer a specific Calling Party number be used for 911 services. If this is the case,
we MUST be informed of this ahead of time, to ensure correct provisioning. Citynet will update only the
Default DN to the PSAP ALI database unless otherwise informed.

Inter-LATA LD Carrier:
if not Citynet (2638) provide name of LD Provider

Intra-LATA LD Carrier:
if not Citynet (2638) provide name of LD Provider

International Allowed:
At initial commissioning, Citynet will attempt to block International Direct Dialing (IDD)
attempts unless expressed authorized by via the IDD Dialing Approved radio button below. If IDD
is approved below, Citynet switching platforms require customer dialing equipment to provide a
"011" prefix to indicate to us this is to be an international call and will work with our
customer and their vendor to assist in confirming operability.

Failover Number:
Pre-programmed number to forward calls to in event of a PRI D-Channel Failure.
This is optional and carries an additional monthly charge.

PBX Manufacturer:

PBX Model:

PBX Vendor contact information:

Form Submitted By:

Email address:

Additional Comments: