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The network settings for Windows is a very delicate component. Anytime you go into the Network Properties you must be sure that you either have your Windows Installation disk (the one that either came with your computer or the same disk that was used to install Windows for home built PC's) or that your Computer has the setup CAB files on your Hard Disk Drive.

The reason for this is because anytime you go into the Network Settings, Windows will try to rebuild the Network if you click OK (If you make any changes to your Network Settings you MUST click the OK button in order for those changes to take place). If you do not have either of these you can cause some serious errors to your Windows Operation, which could have costly consquences. In order to find out if you have those files on your Hard Drive do the following:

  1. Click on the Start Button at the bottom left of your screen
  2. Click on the word Find or Search
  3. Click on For Files or Folders
In the next dialogue box that pops up you should see a box that says either "Named:" or "Search for Files or Folders named:". In this box you need to type WIN*.CAB, then you need to make sure that in the box that says "Look in:" it has "Local Hard Drives (C:)" and "Include subfolders" is check marked. Once this is done click on the "Find" or "Search now" button and Windows will begin searching your drives for those files. The total number of .CAB files found will appear at the bottom (or the side for Windows Millennium or Windows 2000 users) and you should have the following amounts:

*(Note for Windows Millennium and 2000 users, Computers that come with Millennium installed already have the CAB files installed onto the Hard Drive, and in 2000 you can make alterations without having to restart the computer. Also the options for Windows Millennium and 2000 are different than those in 95/98 so the following walk - through does not apply to those systems.)

If you do not have the CAB files or the Installation CD you can not make any changes to your Network Settings and you will have to hit the cancel button to exit the Settings Screen. If you do not have these and you click OK, you could cause serious problems with your Windows Settings.

Even if you do have the CAB files and the install disk we highly recommend that you do not make any changes without speaking to a Tech Support Agent here at Citynet or Tech Support supplied by your computers manufacturer.

The only components that are required by our service are:

  1. Client for Microsoft Networks
  2. Dial-Up Adapter
  3. TCP/IP
If you have these components you should not have any problems. If you do have problems, please call Tech Support at 1-800-881-2638 so that one of our Tech Support Agents can assist you. There are a few other components that generally are not required; however, computers are all setup for different functions and most will have different Network Components installed. We recommend that you do not remove any components without Tech support by Citynet or your computers manufacturer being on the phone with you.

The only settings that you should ever need to change are your TCP/IP settings in your Network settings. These settings are very specific and vital to your connection. In some cases these settings may be correct and you still may not be able to connect. If this is the case, please call Tech Support at 1-800-881-2638 so that we may assist you with your connection.

The TCP/IP Protocol is vital to your connection. To get to where these setting are follow these steps:

(NOTE: Before you enter your network, be sure that you have no other programs open, close everything that is running before you continue any farther.)
  1. Double-click on My Computer
  2. Double-click on Control Panel
  3. Double-click on the Network icon.

Citynet: Voice, Data, and Internet Solution

Now that the Network Settings window is open you need to left-click once on the word TCP/IP (May be TCP/IP --> Dial-Up Adapter), this will highlight it. Now click on the Properties button below it. Windows 98 versions will pop up a warning box, click OK and you will be in the TCP/IP Settings.

Citynet: Voice, Data, and Internet Solution

(Note: Client for Microsoft Networks has to be selected as your Primary Network Log on)

Now you will start on the IP Address Tab in your TCP/IP Settings box, this is what yours should look like:

Citynet: Voice, Data, and Internet Solution

Now click on the tab that says DNS Configuration and make sure that it is setup like the picture below:

Citynet: Voice, Data, and Internet Solution

The next step is to click on the tab that says Gateway and make sure that you have no numbers or letters in any of those boxes like the example below:

Citynet: Voice, Data, and Internet Solution

The last step is to click on the WINS Configuration tab and make sure it's exactly the same with "Use DHCP for WINS Resolution" selected:

Citynet: Voice, Data, and Internet Solution

Now that everything is matching up click the OK button at the bottom and you will return to the network screen. Be SURE that if you made any changes you have to click OK on the Network Settings screen and ONLY if you have the required CAB files or the Windows Installation CD.

Should you make changes and click OK or click OK by accident, don't panic. Press down the Ctrl key, while holding it down press the Alt key and hold it down (you are holding both the Ctrl and Alt keys down) and while those are pushed down press the Delete key.  This will bring up the Task Manager and you can release the three keys. You will see a list of things in the task manager and you will need to left click once on the line that says "Insert Disk", this will highlight that task. Now that Insert Disk is highlighted you need to click on End Task and it should disappear. If it doesn't disappear from the list right away, wait a few seconds and another window should pop up, click the button labeled "End Now" on this screen. Once the task is ended press the cancel button and try and find your setup disk or call your manufacturer.