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Sometimes the problems with a connection are due to faulty hardware and not the line or the service itself. There are several errors that Windows will give you that will point you in that direction. If you get an error saying that the Modem is not Responding or if it tells you that The Modem could not Detect a Dial Tone. Both of these errors are a hardware issue and out of our control to correct. If you do want to make sure that your modem is working properly this walk - through will help you do just that. The first thing to do is to double-click on My Computer and you will see several icons inside. Double-Click the control panel Icon.
(NOTE: Before you check the modem, be sure that it is not in use (Not connected online or receiving faxes if it is able)

Citynet: Voice, Data, and Internet Solution

Now that you have the control panel open you need to look for an icon that says modem. Once you find the modem icon you should double click that to open it as well.

Citynet: Voice, Data, and Internet Solution

The modem that's listed is likely to be different and the COM the device is on may also be different, but you want to left click once on the COM for your modem and then click the More Info... button below it.

Citynet: Voice, Data, and Internet Solution

This will bring up a little screen warning you that it may take a few minutes and then will bring up the following screen. When this comes Up you need to be sure that in the ATI2 spot it says "OK". If that's the case your modem is working fine so you can

As long as everything is alright with your modem you are finished at this point so click OK and then OK again and you will return to your Control Panel which you can now close.