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DEV101: Creating Links in HTML Pages
This section of the tutorial deals with adding links to your pages. You can link to pages within your site, or pages in someone else's site, or even activate the user's email program to send email directly from your site. This feature can be customized also to predefine the Subject of the email or any other part for that matter.

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) Links:

Before you get into any high-level coding, it's good to start with the basics. And nothing gets more basic than creating links. Here's an example of how a link looks in HTML:

My Pictures  = <a href = "mypics.HTML">My Pictures</a>

Simple enough, now open a new document in your editor of choice (if using Dreamweaver or GoLive switch to the code view) and enter the code above, substituting "mypics.HTML" for the page you are linking to and substituting My Pictures with the text you want to be the link.

To link to a page on someone else's site, do the same thing, including the URL (Universal Resource Locator or Name of the site) followed by the page name:

My Pictures  = <a href = "">My Pictures</a>

To add a link for someone to email you, use the same method, but use this syntax:

Email Me  = <a href = "">Email Me</a>

Click on the links below to see how the customized email code works:

Email Me  = <a href = "">Email Me </a>

This adds a predefined subject to your email.

Email Me  = <a href = "">Email Me</a>

This one adds a CC: to your email

You can add multiple customizations using this syntax:

Email Me   = <a href=" is pretty cool. You can write an entire email this way">Email Me</a>

Now that you know how to begin a site, plan it thoroughly, develop navigation, link text and make email links, let's move on to the next section: IMAGES >>.