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Is your network infrastructure built to adapt and grow with your business’ changing needs?

Are you looking for a solution that provides  the flexibility to support data and voice, and a solution that allows for the intelligent use of bandwidth for an optimum mix of performance and ROI to IP VPN networks?

Look no further. Citynet's IP VPN is a fully managed Converged IP solution that combines data, voice, video and multimedia applications on a single IP-based platform.

Internet Protocol Virtual Private Networks (IP VPNs) have become the cornerstone of a new age in global network communications that support multiple data, voice and video applications on a single network. An IP VPN is a routed link between two or more points across a shared network infrastructure with various degrees of security.

As business needs evolve and bandwidth requirements change, traditional network services such as Frame Relay and ATM are giving way to a more popular technology for connecting multiple sites with Wide Area Network (WAN) links – the Virtual Private Network (VPN). In particular, IP VPN  (Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network) based on Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology.

MPLS IP VPNs provide a fully integregrated architecture which sharpens site-to-site performance tremendously, while achieving lower costs of ownership.


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