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I have a 56k modem. Why can’t I connect at 56k?
There are several reasons for this:

  1. The highest connection the FCC allows over standard phone lines is 53.3k
  2. Your modem’s 56k protocol may not be compatible with ours. We support the fastest and most recent protocols, up to and including V.92.
  3. The route your phone call takes to us may be indirect. In order for 56k to work on your modem, you must have a direct route from your phone to our dialups. If your call passes through more than one switching center, 56k Flex and V.90 will not function. The highest you could connect would be 28.8k – 33.6k.
  4. Noise on your telephone lines can dramatically affect your connection speed. 56k Flex and V.90 are very intolerant to any amount of line noise.