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How do I setup Softphone?
A free softphone from X-TEN is available for use, by following the steps below.

  1. Goto
  2. Select "X-Lite v2.0 Build 1105x for Windows [X-Lite_Install.exe]"
  3. Save the executable to your desktop.
  4. Run the executable.
  5. Click Next at the "Welcome to the X-Lite Setup Wizard" screen.
  6. At the "License Agreement" screen accept the agreement and click Next.
  7. At the "Information" screen click Next.
  8. At the "Select Destination Location" screen click Next if you want to install X-Lite into the directory displayed or chose another directory and click Next.
  9. At the "Select Start Menu Folder" screen click Next.
  10. At the "Select Additional Tasks" screen click Next.
  11. At the "Ready to Install" screen click Install.
  12. At the Completing the X-Lite Setup Wizard click the "Launch X-Lite" checkbox then click Next.
  13. X-Lite will now load and in a few seconds the "Audio Tuning Wizard" window will open.
  14. At the "Welcome to the Audio Tuning Wizard" screen click Next.
  15. Select your Microphone and Speakers then click Next.
  16. Adjust your speaker volume then click Next.
  17. Adjust your Microphone volume then click Next.
  18. Run the Start calibration test then click Next.
  19. Select Cable / DSL / LAN then click Next.
  20. At the "You have now completed the Audio Tuning Wizard" screen click Finish.
  21. Click on the menu button to the right of the X-Lite softphone.
  22. Double click on "System Settings"
  23. Double click on "SIP Proxy"
  24. Double click on "[Default]"
  25. Click on "Enabled:" and change it to Yes.
  26. Click on "Display Name:" and change it to your sip username.
  27. Click on "Username:" and change it to your sip username.
  28. Click on "Authorization User:" and change it to your sip username.
  29. Click on "Password:" and change it to your sip password.
  30. Click on "Domain/Realm" and change it to
  31. Click on "SIP Proxy" and change it to
  32. Click "BACK" 3 times.
  33. Double click "Advanced System Settings"
  34. Double click "Audio Settings"
  35. Double click "Silence Settings"
  36. Change "Transmit Silence:" to Yes.
  37. Click "BACK" 3 times.
  38. Your X-Lite client is now configured.