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Digital Phone FAQ

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Basic and Dialing Questions

  • What does VoIP mean?
  • What do I need to use your service?
  • Do you have a local phone number in my area?
  • Can I receive collect calls on your service?
  • Can 900 numbers be reached on your service?
  • Do I need to dial the area code to call a local number?
  • Can I surf the Internet with my computer at the same time the phone is in use?
  • If I have forgotten my password, can Citynet give it to me?
  • How can I change my outbound Caller ID display?
  • Can I use my Satellite Internet connection with your service?
  • Can cordless phones be used with your service?
  • If my power goes out or my Internet connection goes down, can my calls be automatically be routed to my cell phone?
  • Does your service support faxing?
  • Can I use a dial-up connection with your service?
  • Will my Caller ID show the name?
  • Can I make International Calls?
  • Can I keep my existing number?
  • How much is an extra phone line?
  • Why can I not get Caller ID name and number functionality?
  • How much does it cost to call Information Services?
  • Will 911 work with Digital Phone Service?
  • What if I move, what happens to my service?
  • Am I only able to use one telephone at my house?
  • Do the people I call need to have Digital Phone Service too?
  • Can I use my internet service while I am on the phone?
  • Will I still have phone service if the power goes out?
  • What features are included with my Digital Phone Service account?
  • How much bandwidth will my phone use?
  • I’ve heard Digital Phone Service can be used to make calls thru my computer…Is that true?
  • Can I keep my existing phone number?
  • Do I need a computer to use the Digital Phone Service?
  • How much is the monthly cost of the Residential Digital Phone Service?
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