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Create a SIP

How to create a SIP (session initiation protocol) account

SIP - session initiation protocol
PBX - private branch exchange (extension management)
DND - do not disturb
CFA - call forward address

Go to
Use your Account ID and master password to login
To Create a New SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Account

1. Click on the [Create New SIP Account] link
Digital Phone Connection Instructions

2. Create Physical Address - enter your zip code
The physical address is where the service will primarily be used.
Based on the zip code you will then be given choices for city, state and county

3. Please select the appropriate listing for your physical location.
4. Enter your street address.
5. Enter your 911 address.
This information is provided to the Emergency Services in the event that you dial 911 on your phone. This information should be kept accurate and up to date.

Steps 6 - 10

6. Enter a Description that will easily identify your SIP account. Example: JSmith SIP
7. Enter a password for your SIP account.
8. Enter your Caller ID Name.
9. Choose your 911 address
10. Choose your physical location.

Steps 11 - 14

11. Enter a description for your digital phone number. Example: Home Phone
12. Choose a location (the city and state of your digital phone number.
13. Allow the system to retrieve the available phone numbers for your location.
14. Select a number from the dropdown list.

Steps 15 - 17

15. Enter a 4 digit password for your voicemail account.
16. Enter the name of your voicemail account.
17. Enter the email address where you wish to receive your voicemail.

You have successfully created your first SIP account.