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 Setting up Identities in Outlook 

This walk - through will show you how to setup multiple Identities in Microsoft Outlook Express 5 or Microsoft Outlook 2000  The first thing to do is to open you Outlook and cancel any tries to connect online. Once this is done click on File, then Manage Identities.

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This will bring up a new screen asking for you to name this Identity, generally this is your name or the name of the person using it. Below that you will see a box for Require Password. Be careful when selecting this and choose a password that will be easy for you to remember because we have no way of telling you what this password is. If it's forgotten then you won't be able to log into your Identity and get your email.

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After you name the identity and select a password or not you need to click the OK button. Once this is clicked it will pop up an alert asking you if you would like to switch to that identity. If you only want to setup this identity then select "Yes" and return to the Email Setup Section to setup the email accounts in that Identity. If you wish to setup more Identities select "No" and continue on below.

After you select no you will see a new screen with "Main Identity" and whatever you named your most recent identity. This is where you can select which Identity Outlook will start in when it loads up by selecting that identity in the first drop down menu. To setup a new Identity click on the New button and Do just as you did above. You will do this for each and every account until you are finished, then begin going to those Identities and setting up the email accounts.

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