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Citynet Managed IP VPNs

Citynet Managed IP VPNs
IP VPN is among the most widely used technologies for secure, high-performance, and cost-effective networking. The major benefits of IP VPNs are cost savings, flexibility, and the option to add managed services such as IP telephony at a reasonable cost. They are often the most effective and flexible option for providing secure access to mobile staff and business partners because they link distributed sites and centralized applications servers. As replacements for aging Frame Relay, ATM, and private-line networks, IP VPNs greatly reduce network complexity and the total cost of ownership.


Eliminate expensive parallel access connections
An IP VPN replaces expensive, multiple, parallel circuits to each remote site with a single, cost-effective access link. In addition, the IP VPN eliminates the need for time consuming, manual configuration of each virtual network.

Increase data security and access authentication
Managed IP VPN traffic is secured, monitored, and controlled by Citynet 24/7/365. Companies that use a managed IP VPN service protect their distributed data and applications against external security threats.

Consolidate and simplify the network infrastructure
A managed IP VPN can transform islands of network resources into a unified, efficient, and reliable communications system, improving productivity for end users and IT staff.

Enable powerful distributed applications and multimedia workflows
Managed IP VPNs accommodate both older hub-and-spoke traffic flows and newer peer-to-peer applications. Consequently, companies can more easily introduce distributed, rich-media applications to gain a competitive advantage.

Improve performance, scalability, and reliability
Managed IP VPNs run on Citynet's high-performance backbone, which incorporates advanced network technologies and services. To achieve similar performance levels internally would require extensive effort and high expense.

Managed VPN Services Options

Site-to-site VPN
Connects main and branch offices with a shared network and extends network services to external users such as customers and business partners

Access VPN
Connects remote workers and mobile users to the corporate network using dial-up, DSL, ISDN, wireless, and cable technologies

Multiservice VPN
Connects multisite locations, and combines voice, video, and data traffic on a single, converged network

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