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Citynet Managed Hosting and Storage

Citynet Managed Hosting and Storage

Companies that subscribe to a managed hosting service eliminate the costs of acquiring and maintaining equipment, floor space, and hiring and training IT specialists. Instead, they take advantage of the service provider’s investment in expertise, hardened facilities, and guaranteed SLAs.

Pay-as-you-go data center services give companies more flexibility in their business and financial planning. If companies need more capacity to accommodate growth or special projects, the service provider can provision it very quickly.

Companies can customize the service to meet their business needs. Service providers can include Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) as part of their managed service. It enables employees in branches and remote offices to access centrally hosted applications and storage at LAN speeds. This service feature directly benefits companies that have consolidated their servers and storages to achieve better disaster recovery and business continuity, or to meet legal requirements for securing and archiving data.

Benefits of Citynet Managed Hosting and Storage

Support data center needs cost-effectively
Service providers handle large volumes of IT activities involving Web, database, storage, and communications solutions, and can pass on lessons learned and best practices to their customers.

Increase performance and reliability
By equipping their carrier-grade data centers with state-of-the-art systems, service providers can guarantee the highest level of performance and reliability at all times.

Greater scalability for maximum flexibility
Service providers design and deploy their systems for optimum flexibility and with the scalability to handle peak requirements.

Citynet Managed Hosting and Storage Options

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