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Inserting a Linked Image (buttons):
The code to add an image to a website is almost as simple as adding text links, there are a few different ways to customize this code, but basically it's simple:

The use of images as links is one of the best methods to create attractive looking navigation for a website, and also is a great way to show visitors a small image of a photograph they can view before they download the whole thing. Here's the code for creating image links in HTML:

<a href="mylink.HTML"><img src="family.jpg"></a>

This simple piece of code can transform an ordinary, boring HTML page into an interesting one in no time. But beware of using too many images ... they can increase download time for the visitors.

Inserting a Linked Image in Dreamweaver:

This is the method for adding images and image links in Macromedia Dreamweaver. This is an example of the difference between WYSIWYG and Text Based site development.

In Dreamweaver, place your cursor in the location you want an image, click on the Insert Image tool on the objects toolbar

Select the newly placed image and go to the Properties Inspector and type in the URL for the link. That's the difference in code and wysiwyg page layout.

Now that we have a few of the basics out of the way, let's move on to forms. Those nasty looking boxes you have to fill out to order Beanie Babies and Books and such are definitely ugly, but indispensable. We'll show you next how to add one to your page to let users send you information via email. On to the FORMS! >>