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Our Burstable IP Service offers a unique Internet connectivity solution for organizations that require the greatest flexibility at the lowest cost. With Burstable Internet Service, customers can not only burst above their chosen base bandwidth rate, but also have the flexible access to much higher speeds without the need for additional equipment.



While business Internet needs are not always predictable, CITYNET'S Burstable IP Service is a flexible solution that allows your Internet connection to grow - instantly - when your business needs require it.


Our Burstable IP Service is for those organizations that currently purchase 100 Mbps or more from Citynet. When you have demand for increased bandwidth that extends over your base allotment, you can instantly “burst” up to the needed amount when demands require it.

For example, if your organization requires only Internet bandwidth for 100 Mbps for day-to-day operations, but requires higher speeds for once-a-week data uploads, why pay for higher-speed Internet service for just part-time, high-bandwidth use? With Burstable IP Service from CITYNET, you have an affordable solution that offers you the flexibility to “spike” or “burst” beyond your base bandwidth limits.


If your business purchases a base amount of 100+ MB service from Citynet, you can then take advantage of much higher bandwidth only when needed – without having to contact Citynet first. If your monthly base bandwidth level is not exceeded, you pay only the fixed monthly charge. If you do go over your limit, you are invoiced via the industry standard, 95th Percentile Billing Method; based on 95% of your actual, monitored peak use. This allows unusual or irregular peaks in demand without incurring the full cost of those peaks all year round.

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