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Customer BGP Request

To request initiation or modification of Citynet BGP services, please fill out the following form completely. Please see the BGP Routing Policy page before filling out this form. Note that you can CC yourself on this mail, so that you may receive a copy of your submission.

(Your E-Mail Address)*
Citynet BGP Support Team
BGP4 Request
1. Contact Information
Company Name:
Contact Name:
Contact's Phone:
Contact Hours:
2. Your Circuit (At least one * below MUST be supplied)
Circuit ID:
Acct Number:
3. Serial IP Addresses
Provider IP Address
4. Your Router
Citynet Managed:
Yes   No *
Router Make & Model:
*  /   *
Router RAM:
 Less than 16 megabytes
 16 megabytes to 32 megabytes
 32 megabytes to 64 megabytes
 64 megabytes to 128 megabytes
 128 megabytes or more *
5. Your Session
Yes *   No
* Special Customer arrangements are required for non-multihomed customers.
Your AS:
Routes Received from Citynet:**
 No Routes
 Partial Routes (Citynet routes and Citynet customer routes)
 Full routes*
** Citynet provides three options for BGP4 routes:
Option No. Routes CPU/Mem. Requirement
No Routes 1 (default) 2500/3000 or equivalent (2Mb RAM)
Partial Routes ~ 40,000 4500/3600 or equivalent with 32+ Mb RAM
Full Routes ~ 85,000 3600/7200 or equivalent with 64+ Mb RAM
Route Filter Type:
NOTE: Customers are required to create route filters on their side to prevent invalid announcements to Citynet. Citynet filters all announcements received from customers to maintain network stability. Citynet also reserves the right to choose the most appropriate route filter on a customer by customer basis. The decision criteria are based on router capacity, availability and maintenance. Please provide the information requested below, and we will construct an access list to fit your needs.
IP Blocks
Prefix Subnet mask
Citynet will only allow up to a /24 from non-Citynet owned address space. Citynet will permit up to a /24 from Sprint owned address space
Default Route?:
  *  Yes     No *
  * A default route provides backup in the event of failure of other static links you may have to other providers, and is MANDATORY if you are using a router with less than 16 Mb.
Load Balancing?:
 Yes     No *
Loopback Address:
(Required if load balancing chosen) Please send me a copy of my BGP filter.
6. Additional Comments